Thursday, June 30, 2016

June Mileage Recap and Random Musings

It's the end of June! Time for a mileage recap, which is not as fun as my other mileage recaps of 2016 have been.

June mileage total: 42.58 miles.


My last day of running this month was June 19.  Even though June of 2015 was only 61.77 miles, this is the first month of 2016 where I did not surpass 2015 mileage.


Someone posted the following on Facebook today and it resonated so I am sharing here:

In some fairytale land of make believe in my mind, I keep thinking that the 5K on July 16 could still happen.  I rationalize this by saying that I COULD have gone to the doctor that week (July 11-15) and I COULD have gotten clearance to run but the doc is on vacation this week so my appointment is July 19.  I realize this is dumb.  But a small part of me still goes there.

This morning I was in a meeting, with several doctors, and they all said, "Runners are the worst patients.  They never listen to advice."  Looks like I am falling into this generalization!

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  1. Awww- I hope you heal quickly. Yeah, I can totally see how runners are not good patients and always want to do more!