Tuesday, July 5, 2016



I feel like the boot is giving me more injuries than the initial foot injury.  First there is the height differential.  I was advised to wear a wedge on my right foot to ensure that both of my hips were aligned since the boot gives about 2" of height to my left leg.  Fortunately, two pairs of my work shoes fit the bill perfectly so during the week, it is mostly good.  However, depending on how much I have to walk during the day, my thighs, calves and hips can be quite sore by the end of the day.   Additionally, the boot rubs on my heel and my shin so those feel quite beat up by the day's end. Usually upon getting home from work, I take the boot off and walk around my house barefoot.  The good news is that lately it hasn't been painful at all to do this.

This past Friday and Saturday nights, I went to Summerfest.  Cue: LOTS of walking.  After Friday night, my legs were so sore from that damn boot.  Metatarsal felt fine but everything else hurt. I ended up not wearing the boot at all on Saturday during the day (we were just hanging at home all day) and when it came time to get dressed for the concert I was attending, I cut off the toe of a sock to provide some protection to my heel from the rubbing.  The sock worked well but my shin was not happy with all of that rubbing.

Sunday and Monday were spent at my in-law's lake home.  I made the decision to give myself a break from the boot since I wasn't going to be walking that much anyways.  I made it through both days without limping or feeling pain.  My foot felt a little sore at the day's end but it wasn't painful.  (Full disclosure, I did do one pass at wakeboarding.  I rationalized this by saying that the bindings on the wakeboard were just like my boot's binding.   The wakeboarding did not hurt my legs/feet.  My neck and upper back, however are killing me.  My husband also did one pass on the lake and is feeling it in the same areas.  Gone are the days of wakeboarding all weekend.  #GettingOld)

I am back in the boot today at work and once again, am wondering if I am giving myself a bunch of other injuries by protecting my second metatarsal.

Today is my 12th day in the boot (10th if you do not count this past Sunday and Monday).  Tomorrow will be 3 full weeks of not running (I'm not counting the mile I ran/walked on Father's Day).

Based on all of the above, I did what every one would do:

I Googled.

Somewhere in between the land of "I took 2 weeks off and I was fine" and "It took me 8 months to fully recover" I realized that Googling was a dumb thing for me to do.

So I suppose I will not run.  But I may take more days off from the boot.

I fully realize that I skipped Friday Links last week.  Chalk it up to getting excited about a long holiday weekend!

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  1. My husband broke his ankle just over a year ago and had to wear a boot for six weeks. And he said that he thinks the boot caused more problems than it solved. He got leg cramps at night, he got a black toenail, it made other parts of his foot hurt. But ultimately his ankle healed. Hang in there! It will come off in good time. I am in the same boat as you with no running.