Friday, July 8, 2016

Friday Links

I have enjoyed watching Track and Field trials over the past week with the hubs - running vicariously through my tv :) Last night he commented, "It's crazy that one race is what decides the Olympic fate even if others ran faster times at a different race."  That's the beauty of Track and Field!  All of these links are related to the Trials.

"I'm Mother F-ing Fast Kate" 
Seriously have the biggest crush on Kate Grace.
Here are her race affirmations she posted on Twitter (@fastk8)

I'm also a huge fan of Steeplechase.  This article does a nice job explaning the history, the pain and the glory that is steeplechase
Even if they didn't hold hands, I love this photo:

GREAT story with a terrible headline.  If I ever qualified for an Olympic Trials, I would not want headlines referring to me "crashing" the trials.

I'll be cheering for Kellyn Taylor in the 5000m final!

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