Monday, July 18, 2016

I ran a 5K


I gave into temptation on Saturday and ran the 5K I had registered for way back when.  I adjusted my expectations for the race.  I originally signed up for this when I was healthy and fast.  The winner of this race gets $500 and my original goal was to win it.

I did not win the race.  I came in 4th.  I probably could have came in second, if I had been a lot smarter throughout the race.

My time was 20:38.  Not my worst 5K, but far from my 18:53 earlier this year!

Now for the the details.

All last week I struggled with the decision to run this race or not.  Friday night Nate asked me if I was going to run it and after that conversation, I thought I might as well try it since I had signed up.  We also made plans to do some things in the area, which is about an hour drive from our house, so it wouldn't feel like a total wash.

Saturday morning we were up at 6 and had to leave no later than 6:30 - and 6:30 was going to be pushing it for time.  The race started at 8 AM but you had to take a shuttle to the start.  I was pretty excited to be opening my running clothes drawers for the first time in a month.  We scrambled to get out to the car and on the road.  The kids had Picky Bars for breakfast.  As I said on my Instagram - #BestMomEver.

We had to negotiate some construction but made it to the parking.  The race material said that packet pickup would be offered in the parking area.  There was no packet pick up to be found.  Then I started getting nervous that I was going to miss the race.  Thankfully someone else mentioned that they had moved packet pick up to the start area.  We boarded the school bus to the start - my kids were PUMPED to be able to ride a school bus.

We arrived at the start area, I got my packet and headed straight to a porta potty.  At this point, it was 7:45.  I had decided that I was not going to do a warm up because I had no idea how my foot would feel and I didn't really want to run any more miles than the race.

I headed into the starting corral and the gun went off.   You can't teach an old dog new tricks.  I of course started way too fast and ended up in the lead group of women.  After running some initial steps on road, we veered into some groomed paths through the woods.  Full of tree roots and uneven ground.  I cursed myself for doing this - not exactly the topography one would want with a foot injury.   I tried to pay attention to the ground so that I wouldn't stumble.  My first mile was 6:06.

Well that should have been a sign to adjust my pace, but I tried to stay with the lead woman because I am competitive and dumb.   I was totally struggling - not with my foot but my legs and breathing were heavy.  Our second mile was around 6:30.   So far this was not that far off of my most recent 5K pacing...that I ran, while training.

Then came the 3rd mile.  I sorta kinda gave up.  I was hot and my legs were tired and even though I wore my "Never Give Up" Momentum Jewelry bracelet.  I stopped to gather my breath.  We approached a hill with about 0.4 miles left and I walked up it some.  Two women passed me.  I didn't care.  I got out of my funk enough to start running again and crossed the finish line.  20:38.  My 3rd mile was something like 7:25.   The female winner ran it in 19:51.

I was really happy my foot did not hurt at any point during the race.  My pride hurt a little, but that was my own damn fault for not adjusting my pace appropriately.

I ended up first in my age group.  Woohoo.  Not sure if there was an award, because we left quickly after to get going on other events for the day.

Two days later my foot feels fine in regard to the stress injury.  The arches of both of my feet are sore though which builds evidence that I need to get new shoes.  My current shoes are a version of the Adidas Boost.  I trained for Boston in a pair of these and got a second pair right before the marathon.  The second pair has some differences from the first pair and doesn't fit me in the same way.  I have tried to ignore these but I think the time has come to just move these to a secondary pair of running shoes and not my main pair.  Even with the SmartFeet inserts, I don't think they are cutting it.

Doctor appointment tomorrow!


  1. Ugh, that is frustrating! I think you definitely could have been second and it's possible the lead woman when she saw you were off her tail let up herself. 5K's, for me, are the most difficult think to pace properly. You have to make a quick decision on how hard you should push. If you don't push hard enough, you may not be able to make it up later. If you push too hard, you crash in mile 3.

    1. chacha - AGREED re: pacing. It is a challenge for sure!

    2. chacha - AGREED re: pacing. It is a challenge for sure!

  2. OMG- when I read the title, I thought you were going to say you ran like an 8:00 pace or something, given the fact that you are just coming off injury. That is really smoking fast given your time off. If I were you, I would be sooo happy that you ran that well and without lingering pain!

  3. I am definitely happy about no pain! Trying to keep the time in perspective too!