Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Guess Who's Back?!?!

I have been given the ok to being running again.  (Good thing since I took it upon myself to start 3 days ago!)

Had my follow-up doctor appointment this morning.  It went well.  I remembered to bring my running shoes.  Took more x-rays.  The 2nd metatarsal had more callous formation indicating the bone is healing a stress injury, but I have no pain upon manipulation so he said I could begin running again, cautiously.  [I am to stop if I have any amount of pain and he actually recommended going back in the boot for two weeks if that happens.  UGH.]

I brought in two pairs of running shoes.  My current pair, Adidas Energy Boost 3, and a brand new pair that I ran in yesterday for the first time - Mizuno Sayonara 3.  I had my pink superfeet inserts in the Adidas pair so he took those out to examine them.

I have always had trouble with callus formation on the outer side of the ball of my foot (bunion territory) as well as the outer side of my big toes, on both feet.  Upon seeing the calluses, and the insole wear pattern, he began manipulating my foot some to see how my big toe "fires".  He suspects that my second metatarsal area takes the brunt of the force upon landing (thus potentially the reason for the stress injury) and then my foot rolls to the side instead of pushing off from the first metatarsal and big toe (thus my ever present enormous calluses).  He manipulated my Super Feet to see if that would help things while running - essentially adding foam cushioning to the area under my 2-5th metatarsals and sawing (with a buzz saw!) a portion of the plastic part of the insole along the arch off.  While my stress injury was to my left foot, the right foot still hurt upon manipulation during my first visit.

I learned a lot about running shoes in the process, as well as things to watch out for with both of my shoes.

I still think that part of the issue is likely my attempt at running 4 miles while mid-foot striking while wearing the Brooks Pure Flow 3s.

I am on a high deductible health insurance plan.  If I meet my deductible this year, I may try custom orthotics if this insole manipulation works.  (The orthotics would basically be free if I meet my deductible versus $600 out of pocket now.)

All of this makes me think I really need to do that injury prevention screen that a local sports medicine place offers.  I am sure my lack of strength training, weak core, weak hips are also throwing my foot mechanics off.   During my off period, I have worked some with the routines outlined in Hit Reset.  I am really terrible at making these types of things a habit.  Any tips?

Also, after doing a lot of reading about stress injuries, and after the doctor mentioned low calcium and vitamin D levels as a potential cause of injury at my first appointment, I am very curious about my vitamin D and calcium levels.  I started taking Vitamin D after my last appointment and then reading about a bunch of running bloggers results with Inside Tracker, I became even MORE curious. I have been on a low dairy/no dairy diet for about 6 months and wonder if I am getting enough calcium through other food sources as I do not take a multivitamin.

Ok, so that is a lot of mishmash in one post.  Good news - I'm back to running.  I'm guessing it will be a while before I'm back doing speed workouts at the track, though :(


  1. Hooray! Let me know what you think of the Sayonara. I liked the 1 and 2, but the 3 was a completely different shoe!

    1. I have no experience with the 1 or 2. I read a lot about the 3 and how they were so different from the 1 and 2 so you are not alone! I like the sayonara way better than the wave rider, which is the other pair of mizunos I have tried. Still nothing compares to the first pair of Adidas Boosts that I had and loved. Why do they mess around with the shoes so much from version to version?!!!?