Thursday, July 21, 2016

Short Term Running Plan

This week and next week I get to run every other day for 2-3 miles.  No more.

I am grateful to be running.  I am grateful to be running.  I am grateful to be running.

Wednesday morning I ran 2.26 miles (to offset the fact that I ran 4 miles on Monday, which I felt a little guilty about after getting the above recommendation from my coach).   This was my first run in my modified Superfeet and it felt great!  I was really surprised at how much of a difference I felt.  The foam that the doctor applied to them seemed very slim and I was thinking, "What is that even going to do?!"

I also made an appointment for the gait analysis!  I read about this first on Keep Running MKE and then a colleague of mine did one and raved about it.  My gait analysis will be next Friday, July 29.  Here's what to expect:

"First, the physical therapist will take the runner’s subjective history including past or present injuries, training regimen and goals. Next, the therapist conducts a brief assessment of the runner’s strength, range of motion and balance. Lastly, the runners gait is recorded on a treadmill for about five to 10 minutes. The therapist will review the recording and analyze the findings with the runner. The therapist relies on information from all three portions of the evaluation to prepare an individualized plan and exercise program for the runner. Each runner should expect several tips to improve his or her running form as well as a few exercises to improve or prevent injuries." ~Keep Running MKE

My half-marathon target race is 15 weeks from Sunday.  The group training runs for it start this weekend and the distance is 3 miles.  Feeling relieved that I will not be starting at too much of a disadvantage given that I currently can run 3 miles.  I think it is still possible for me to PR in the half marathon with this race, which might be dumb but for now, I'm still hopeful.

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