Thursday, July 28, 2016

Brief Update

After a week of 3 milers every other day, I was given the go-ahead by my coach to try upping that to 4 milers this week.  The plan this week is to run 3-4 4 mile runs and a 5 mile run this weekend.  If all goes well (i.e., no pain, no aches in foot), I'm back to training next week!

Of course I am battling a cold/sinus thing...AGAIN. (Thank you germ-carrying, dirty 2 yo...whom I love, of course ;).)  On the bright side, my foot still does not hurt.  YAY!

I have a race tonight - a 5k, Another race that I signed up for at the beginning of the summer, pre-injury.  I'm told to "be smart" about this. It's likely going to rain, potentially thunderstorm.  Hoping it doesn't get canceled, at least before I get to eat my bacon! ha ha ha

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