Monday, March 14, 2016

Another 20 miler, DONE!

The weather in Wisco dramatically improved last week.  The day we returned from FL (Tuesday) reached 70 degrees in WI!  I did not have to do my speed workout on a treadmill!  My first non-treadmill speed workout since December 22!  WOOT WOOT!

Tuesday's workout was: 1.6 mi warm up followed by strides and then 5 x 1.5 miles at 6:50-6:55 pace and a 1.6 mi cool down.

I stuck around my neighborhood for a lot of this workout because I was hoping the mail was going to bring my Oiselle 3/4 crop top and I was going to rip open the package and change my shirt right there because I wanted to test it out SO BADLY.  Unfortunately it didn't arrive on Tuesday, but I did get my 1.5 mi reps done on hills, which is a bonus.  (The 3/4 top DID arrive later in the week.  More on that in another post.)

Paces for my reps were 6:51, 6:47, 6:39, 6:51 and 6:43.  I was hot and sweaty at the end - felt great!

My easy recovery runs were a little more difficult than usual.  I think the loss of a recovery day between my long run and speed workout affected me since I did my long run Sunday last week.  Hashtag Getting Older.  

Which brings me to THIS week's long run.  My niece had her last hockey game at a rink near our house at noon on Saturday, which meant that in order for us to go to it, I was going to have to get up early and get my long run done in the morning.  My two year old still has swim lessons at 9 AM on Saturdays and it was my turn to be in the pool with him.  I had 2 hours and 40 minutes of running on my plan for Saturday, which meant I was getting up EARLY.

Fortunately BH contacted me and asked if I wanted to run with her for the long run.  I ran the Icebreaker Marathon Relay with her and one of my long runs with her previously.  I was excited to have company and a change of scenery.  Unfortunately, my son was having a rough night of sleep, which meant that I had a rough night of sleep.  I dragged myself out of bed at five to hopefully get some food in me before making the drive to her house.  I needed to leave there no later than 8:30 to get to the pool for swim lessons.

BH lives a mile from the Bugline Trail, so we did all but 3 miles of our run on it.  Unfortunately for me, I could not get into this run.  My hamstring was bothering me for whatever reason and it turns out that a lukewarm slice of Rocky Rococco pizza at a high school gym the night before is NOT great running fuel.  (DUH).  

My plan called for 80 minutes of easy running, followed by 60 minutes of medium and 20 minutes of hard - continuing to work on progressively getting faster over time.  We started out slower but BH was pushing the pace and I was not able to keep up so she ran ahead of me for a bit.  I just tried to hang on and wasn't really looking at my pace.  

I checked the time and realized that I wasn't going to be able to finish 2:40 of running AND be on time for swim lessons.  I switched the plan to "just finish 20 miles" (although I was hoping to get 21 and some change in for 2:40).  We finished the last mile in her subdivision at 6:56 pace.  My final running time was 2:31:04, which is 7:33 average pace.

1 minute and 5 seconds slower than my 20 miler two weeks ago.  I felt a whole lot worse during this second run, though!  Still, I am happy that even feeling crappy, my pace did not suffer too much. And while comparison is the thief of something, I HAD to look back to the 2nd 20 miler I did last year during winter marathon training: 20.3 miles in 2:36:23 (7:42 avg pace).  WOOT WOOT FOR IMPROVEMENT!

Overall, I am having a great time training for this race.  Usually, I am OVER IT by this point in the plan, so this in and of itself is exciting.  

And that brought a close to the highest mileage week of my plan! 

Total miles last week: 38.84
Miles per plan: 38.75

FIVE (FIVE!) weeks until Boston!

Heard on the run:
Since I didn't run on a treadmill at all this week AND I had a partner for my long run, I didn't use my iPod once!  No podcast reviews for you this week!

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