Tuesday, March 15, 2016

What to Wear on Race Day

As race day approaches, I have been thinking about what I am going to wear.  Unless it is suppossed to be FREEZING, my plan is a 3/4 crop top and shorts, although I likely will start with a throwaway long sleeve.  

I still haven't altered my Oiselle Volee singlet.  I am (still) slightly nervous that I will ruin it by trying to take it in.  Oiselle made some new top options for the Volee and released an order around Thanksgiving.  The options included a 3/4 crop top, a bra top and a long sleeve.  I kinda wanted the 3/4 crop top, but didn't know if I would be brave enough to wear it and $75 seemed like a lot for a top I wasn't sure I would I passed.  Fast forward to a few weeks ago when everyone else got their tops and I was REALLY bummed that I didn't order the 3/4 top. 

I posted on the Volee Facebook wall a couple of times to see if anyone wanted to sell theirs via our gear swap.  No bites. I contacted Oiselle to see if they had extra in my size.  They did not, but encouraged me to continue asking them as more people got theirs and potentially returned them.

Then, because the universe liked me, one of the WI teammates was selling hers and emailed me to see if I wanted to buy it.  YES!

It was due to arrive last week and when it did, I came home from work, ripped off my shirt and tried it on.

It felt really comfy and great, but I wasn't sure how it would be to run with.  AND it isn't really 3/4 on me.  It is basically a sports bra.  

I wore it under my shirt during my long run on Saturday and it felt great.  I had some redness around my collarbone so I will have to lube that up before wearing it again just to be safe.

I would like to try running in just that top before the marathon to see how I feel just wearing that. Hello Bare Midriff.  I also have to figure out what shorts to wear with it!

Right now, I am planning on either wearing my stride shorts or my Roga shorts, both by Oiselle.  I am kind of tempted to get some distance shorts since every one loves those.  I ran in the Rogas for my last marathon, but that was before I embraced the booty shorts.  I don't know that I can do the Stride shorts AND the 3/4 top together.  That may be a little too much for me.

I recently retired one of the three pairs of shoes in my rotation (Farewell Brooks Glycerin 12).  The shoes that I have been doing my long runs in are the Adidas Energy Boost and I love them.  They are also getting up there in miles though.  EH advised me to get new shoes before the marathon and get some miles on the new pair beforehand.  Last weekend, I went to my favorite running store, handed the clerk my current Boosts and said, "I need these exact shoes".  I was excited that they had a fun color in stock!  

I also bought new SuperFeet berry insoles as I am fairly certain I have long worn out my current pair, purchased last March.  I tried running without these for a while but my foot started bothering me so back in they went!

I have been doing all of my long runs in CEP compression calf sleeves, gifted to me by Erica Finds.  I will be wearing these on the course!

I need to get more of these, but I have one pair of Balega socks from the Another Mother Runner event gift bag.  I plan on wearing the pair I have.  (Fun story - the woman who sold me the 3/4 top is also one of the essayists that was at this event!  Small world!)

I am still in bangs/hair grow out mode and thus, hoping I can braid my own hair for the race and wear a race hat over it.  I typically use a blue Moving Comfort hat (also gifted to me by Erica Finds!) but have an Oiselle Fast Cap coming from gear swap that I may use, provided it fits my large head!  

I will also be sporting my trusty Tifosi running sunglasses and my Garmin that day!

After finishing this post, I had to laugh because my husband always makes fun of the fact that running is an "Easy, low-cost sport.  All you need are shoes!".    

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