Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Vacation Running: CHECK

Sorry for the delay in last week's training recap.  We were in sunny FL from 3/1 until yesterday which meant I had a week of training in SUN!

I almost think that running while on vacation is MORE difficult to plan for which is why I wanted to get my Tuesday speed workout done before we left.  This mean a 4:45 AM wake up call and a trip to the gym.

I am ok with running first thing in the morning if it is an easy/recovery run.  Not so ok when it is a tough workout, but so it goes.  I like having the opportunity to eat a full meal before a workout.   I shoved a Picky Bar in my face while driving and hopped on the dreadmill.  The workout:

1.6m warm up 

3m @ 6:55
400m SLOW jog rest
2m @ 6:48
400m SLOW jog rest
1m @ 6:38
400m SLOW jog rest
400 @ 1:35
400m SLOW jog rest
400 @ 1:35
1.6m cool down

I got it done (although I cut the cool down short to get home to get kids ready) and then drove home. The kids were going to school for a half day, and I was working from home before our 2:30 PM flight to Orlando.

That left 2 short (4 m) recovery runs and a 16 mi long run to do while in FL.  I was able to get the 4 mile runs in very easily.

The long run presented a bit of logistical maneuvering.  We had planned to go to the parks over the weekend with my brother-in-law, who lives in FL and works for Disney.  I had set my alarm to get up EARLY Saturday morning to get the run in.  I learned that vibration for alarms does not work for me. I overslept.  

So instead I got up early on Sunday morning to get it done.  The air was cool, it was still a bit dark, and my legs were tired after 2 twelve hour plus days of walking around the parks.  We stayed at Saratoga Springs this year so I was able to run a route that went from Saratoga to nearby Disney Springs, back through Saratoga, through the golf course nature path to Old Key West resort and back to Saratoga.  I did that 3 times to get in the 16 miles and was able to hide water bottles in bushes along the way.

The workout was:
16 miles run as 8m easy and then 8m @ 7:10-7:20 (making sure to finish faster than you start the faster section ex. 7:25/20/15/10/05/00/655/650 or similar;  if you feel really good, you can push the last 2-3m)

After talking with EH after last week's 20 miler, the plan is to start long runs with the first three miles in the 7:45-8:00 window.  My first mile of this 16 miler was 8:32.  I was TIRED.  It took me a full hour to get into the swing of this run, but managed to finish in 1:59:32 with these splits:

First 8 Miles:

Second 8 Miles:

While I felt tired, I wasn't dying. I was pleased with the run.

More so, I was pumped that I still got the full week of training in while on vacation!!!!!!!

Total Miles Last Week: 34.18
Total Miles Per Plan: 34.75 


Heard on the Run:
I intentionally left my iPod at home so all of my FL runs were done without podcasts.  Thus, this week's list is fairly short:

I didn't completely finish this because I had to pull out music to get me through #TreadmillTuesday.   Howe talks about her dissertation research on hormones and appetite suppression in the female runner. The one takeaway I have from this is forcing myself to eat in the 30 minute window post-workout.  I never do this because I am not hungry and now I know why!

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