Thursday, December 8, 2016

AMR Stride Week 3 Recap

My recap is a little late as I was in Boston for business the first two days of this week!

As I mentioned last week was crazy.  And still, I ran every day!  Keeping the #RWRunStreak alive!  To note, I upped the ante on the Run Streak.  Previously I mentioned that the "rules" of the streak state that you need to have at least 1 mile of running to keep the streak alive.  I changed this to 10 minutes of running, which lands me in the 1.3ish miles on "off" days.

Last week Wednesday was the end of the #RLYBalanceYourStride contest. Alas, I did not win any prizes, but it was a fun motivator regardless.

It was the 3rd week of the AMR Stride plan.  (The #RLYBalanceYourStride running workouts took precedence over any of the AMR workouts until the contest was over.)   I appreciate how this plan really has upped the amount from yoga and strength I am doing, going from, of that stuff to some is huge!

Finally, I started another streak with my friend B:  Do a plank after running every day in December to maintain the #plankstreak.  I am starting with 60 second planks, which are doable but challenging for me.

Here we go!

Monday Nov 28: Needed to do at least 15 minute tempo run.  I just aimed to hit the minimum with this one.

1.01 mile warm up 7:34
15 minute tempo = 2.24 miles (6:43 pace)
1.37 mile cool down, 10:27 (7:36 pace)

Tuesday:  10 minutes of running (1.38 miles) + reclining hero yoga workout

Wednesday: 4-6 hill repeats, focusing on glute activation

I ended up doing 6 hill repeats at the end of a 4.5 mile run so ended up with 5.41 miles, 40:39 (7:31 pace).  This was a good mental workout for me because I specifically chose a hill that I struggle to get to the top of every day.  And truly after this workout, this hill does not bother me as much! Luckily I did this in the morning dark so my neighbors couldn't hear me slightly chant "glutes, glutes, glutes" as I was working my way through some of the difficult parts.

Thursday: Strength Circuits + #plankstreak Day 1!

1.38 mile run, 10:04 (7:18 pace) followed by 2 rounds of the AMR Stride strength circuit which includes, burpees, russian twists, spiderman planks, jump rope, clamshells, glute bridges

followed by 1 minute plank.

Friday: 30-40 minute run

5.01 miles, 38:10 (7:37 pace) plus 1 minute plank

Saturday: 60-90 minute run

Somewhere in between Christmas choir show practice for kids, Breakfast with Santa, getting my son's birthday party food ready and attending my husband's office holiday party, I got out for AN HOUR RUN!!!!!!!!!  HASHTAG CHRISTMAS MIRACLE

8.39 miles, 1:00:01 (7:09 pace) + 1 minute plank

Sunday:  1.26 miles to keep the streak alive in SLUSHY SNOW!!!!  First snow run of the season! Both kids joined me for part of this one - apparently it is hard to run in snow pants and boots :) 10:51 (8:38 pace) + 1 minute plank IN THE SNOW!

Total miles: 24.2

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  1. Impressive week! Your tempo run is so friggin' fast! Nice job on the planking too.