Friday, December 23, 2016

Friday Links!

Last week I missed Friday Links so some of these are "old news" by now.

1. Nike and Adidas are working on assembling teams to run a sub 2 hour marathon.  I am most interested in reading on the author of the first article (Nike hyperlink) will do with his own self-experiment to break 90 minutes in the half.

2. Recovering from an injury SUCKS.  We all know this.  Devon Yanko's best laid plans and On the 11th Day of Christmas Running Gave Me the Patience of a Saint

3. Tina Muir's CIM recap.  What struck me about this is the LONG LIST of people she thanks.  I think Tina does a great job of giving insight into the life of a pro runner.

4. Running as a Thinking Person's Sport

5.  Winter Running Hacks - some of these are new to me! yay!

6.  In a similar vein, Ten Commandments of Winter Running

7. I am also considering taking a roll of duct tape to a pair of running shoes this winter to prevent cold, wet toes - @mittenrunner on instagram did it with decorative duct tape and they look SO CUTE.

Merry Everything, whatever you celebrate.  I am looking forward to Christmas with my family celebrated multiple times over the next few days and hopefully squeezing some running in :)

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