Monday, February 20, 2017

Cellcom Green Bay Marathon Training: Week 5 Recap

You guys!  I had a great week last week!  We had amazing weather so I got SIX runs in and they were all outside.  Also, I finally broke into the 30s for weekly mileage!  HUZZAH!

Monday Feb 13
Plan Says:  Easy 5 miles

What I did: 4 miles, 28:00 (6:58 avg pace).  Yes.  This was too fast.  But after weeks of feeling like a slug and some nice sunshine, (not to mention I was trying to beat the bus and get 4 miles in) I couldn't help but push the pace a bit.

Tuesday Feb 14
Plan Says: Off

What I did: 0 miles

Wednesday Feb 15
Plan Says: Easy 4 miles

What I did: 5.01 miles, 36:47 (7:21 avg pace)

Thursday Feb 16
Plan Says: easy 5 miles

What I did: 3.52 miles, 25:28 (7:14 avg pace).  I did not, unfortunately, make it to 4 this time - the bus arrived home early.  I fought the bus and the bus won.

Friday Feb 17
Plan Says: easy 4 miles

What I did: 5.1 miles, 36:00 (7:03 avg pace)
This run was a lesson in how NOT to pace.  The weather was GLORIOUS.  It was sixty seven degrees outside.  I left work early to get this run in and was so excited to be running in a tank and shorts (despite my WHITE legs).  My first two miles were 6:57 and 6:48.  DUMB.  Especially when I knew that I was going long the next day.

Saturday Feb 18
Plan Says: easy 6 miles

What I did:  10 miles, 1:16:11 (7:37 avg pace)
I again met up with B to get a long run in.  She had 10 miles to do and I was planning on joining her. Our plan was to warm up for a few miles, push the pace for a few miles, and then cool down.  This ended up being a good plan, although my legs took a while to warm up and feel good (likely because I went too fast on all of my runs this week!) She came over to my house at 7 and we both left wearing shorts and a long sleeve.  SHORTS!  In the morning!  It was a beautiful day for a run.

Mile 1: 7:45
Mile 2: 7:40
Mile 3: 7:57
Mile 4: 7:48
Mile 5: 7:28
Mile 6: 7:23
Mile 7: 7:21
Mile 8: 7:31
Mile 9: 7:34
Mile 10: 7:41

Sunday Feb 19
Plan says: Easy 4 miles

What I did: 4 miles, 31:28 (7:52 avg pace)

I am proud of myself for getting out and doing this because part of me was rationalizing that since I did a longer run on Saturday, I could skip this 4 miler.  The glorious weather helped me get out there.  How often was I going to be able to continue running in shorts this February?!  As to be expected, my legs were tired.

Weekly Total
Plan says: 28 miles
What I did: 31.65 miles

5 weeks of marathon training done!  The weeks of nothing but easy runs are officially over.  Bring on the speed and tempos.  I am looking forward to the next several weeks as the "easy" weeks were starting to get boring.  Remind me of this when I am complaining in a few weeks :)

Weekly takeaways: 
1.  I was pleased with how I felt this week, however, in my zest for feeling good paired with good weather, I didn't really take it as easy as I should have for many of my runs.  I need to ensure that my pace is varied enough in the coming weeks.

2.  As often is the case, I abandoned the R8 and Jasyoga this week because I was feeling good.  My goal is to continue to bring that back this upcoming week.  These are things I need to be doing regardless of how my legs feel!

I didn't listen to any podcasts last week.

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  1. Great week. I know who "B" is and I hope to meet you both some day! Glad you got a nice dose of warm weather. We got that too!