Friday, February 24, 2017

Friday Links!

I am hours away from hopping on a plane for our annual family vacation to FL.  Half of my suitcase is running clothes.  Part of our vacation will be onboard a ship...the same part where I am scheduled to run 10 miles.  Things will be interesting in my week 7 mileage recap for sure!

Here are a few things I read this week:

1. Molly Huddle's NYC Marathon Recap

2.  How to Run 100 Miles
I'm not really interested in the ultra running scene, as I already feel the marathon presents me with more challenges than I can sometimes handle, but there are some great takeaways in this blog post, particularly if you, like me, are trying to get over all of the mental hurdles in long distance running.
"Step one to running 100 miles is becoming 100% comfortable with the uncomfortable realities of failure."

3. More treadmill tricks from Salty Running
I haven't set foot on our treadmill in quite a while due to our glorious bout of weather we have been having, but I am always a fan of the "push all the buttons" method of getting through a treadmill run!

Enjoy your weekend!  I am going to try getting my week 6 training recap up on Monday as usual, but you may be waiting an additional week.  I know. It's killing you! ;)

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