Saturday, February 18, 2017

Race Discounts!

Through the Bib Rave Pro program, I have some great race discounts to share! (I am only sharing a few that are in close proximity to me.)

1.  Rock N Roll Series
The code BIBRAVE15 will work for the following discounts associated with these Rock N Roll races across the country:

Washington DC - $15 off Half and Full, valid until 3/4
Dallas, TX - $15 off Half, valid until 3/12
San Francisco, CA - $15 off Half, valid until 3/19
Carlsbad - $15 off 20k or 5k, valid until 3/26
Raleigh, NC - $15 off Half and Full, valid until 3/26
Nashville, TN - $15 off Half and Full, valid until 4/23
San Diego, CA - $15 off Half and Full, valid until 5/28
Seattle, WA - $15 off Half and Full, valid until 6/11
Chicago, IL - $15 off Half, valid until 7/9

There are a few more cities with Rock N Roll events lined up.  We have not yet gotten codes for those cities.  Stay tuned!

2. Run Madtown 5/27-28, Madison, WI

Code: RAVE15 for 15% off all Run Madtown adult races (5K, 10K, half marathon).

3.  Madison Marathon - 11/12/17, Madison, WI

Code: RAVE10 good for $10 off Madison Marathon or Half Marathon

If you are considering signing up for a race, tweet me or comment and I can check our LONG file to see if there is a discount code associated with your race!

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