Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Product Review: OOFOS OOMG Shoe

Product Review:  OOFOS OOMG Shoes

You may be very familiar with OOFOS sandals.  I was introduced to the brand last summer when I complimented my mother-in-law on some cool-looking flip flops she was wearing.  They turned out to be OOFOS and she was right - they were super comfortable.

Earlier this year, word got out the the brand was releasing its first closed-toe shoe.  If you were at the Boston Marathon expo, you likely saw them.

I was SUPER EXCITED to have a pair delivered to me, as part of the BibRave Pro ambassador program, a few weeks ago.  They honestly haven't left my feet since.  I even sneakily wore them to work after one of my long tempo runs:

Mostly though, I wear them while playing outside with my kids after school:

By this time of day, I am TIRED.  After getting up early to run, working all day, my feet often are sore from cramming them into work appropriate shoes.  I always imagine they say "AHHHH", or should I say, "OOOOH", when I slide them into the OOMG shoe.

The shoe was intentionally designed to optimize recovery, which is perfect for me right now coming to the end of an intense marathon training cycle.  My absolute favorite part of the plush footbed is the arch support - which is similar to the arch support felt in the sandals if you are familiar with them.  The foam used in all OOFOS shoes is designed to absorb 37% percent MORE impact than traditional footwear foam materials.

Now let's talk about the style.  I will admit that my first thought when I saw them online was like, "Eh, they look a little strange."  Once I had them in person though, I thought they were cooler looking.  My hipper-than-me colleague called them "kickin'".  Maybe that's what all the cool kids are saying these days?!

The company advises going a half size up from your regular shoe size.  I found this to be accurate.  My normal flat shoe size is women's 9.5 and I have the OOFOS OOMG shoe in a Women's 10.  It is a perfect fit.

Disclaimer: I received the OOFOS OOMG shoe to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!  All opinions are my own and the links within this post do not provide any incentive to me personally, nor does your purchase of the product benefit me personally.


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