Monday, November 27, 2017

Maintenance Miles Week 4 Review

Another week, another 25 miles PLUS 2.63!  We had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and I was able to get in a lot of mid-day runs which I appreciate immensely.  Our weather has been mild lately too so it has been nice to take advantage of that.

I officially have surpassed my 2015 and 2016 November mileage totals, but am 3.57 miles away from my 100 mile/month goal.  I am hoping to check that off the list tonight!

Monday Nov 20

Tuesday Nov 21
4 miles, 7:36 pace
I left work late and the bus arrived as I was at 3.9 miles so I was the crazy lady running small circles at the end of our driveway until I got to 4.0.

Wednesday Nov 22
6.0 miles, 7:29 avg pace
This was my mid-day break from cooking Thanksgiving food and cleaning my house.

Thursday Nov 23
5 miles, 7:28 pace
Run all the miles, Eat all the Turkey.

Friday Nov 24
5.1 miles, 8:07 avg pace
My only morning run of the week and I could feel it.  I may have been half asleep for most of this.

Saturday Nov 25
6.51 miles, 7:31 avg pace

Sunday Nov 26
1 mile, 9:16 pace
I wasn't planning on running this day as I was using some time to do Christmas card envelope addressing (example of the time trade-offs one must do!) but then my 7 year old wanted to go for a run and I couldn't pass that opportunity up.

Weekly Total: 27.63 miles

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