Monday, November 6, 2017

Maintenance Mode Week 1 Review

Alright alright alright!

I ran 6 days last week, the first week of my two-planned base building maintenance months.  My goal is to get to 100 miles in each of November and December which means I need to be around 25 miles/week.  Week 1 - CHECK! 

And then after watching clips of Shalane Flanagan winning NY Marathon yesterday, I wanted to immediately start marathon training.

"F*@% Yes!"

But, patience. 

Here is my week in review.  I had the luxury of traveling (again) for a long weekend with some grad school girlfriends so I had some people to run with at the end of the week.  It was so fun!  Friday and Saturday we woke up, had lots of coffee and chatting on the porch and then would go for a mid-day run.  Sunday morning, we had early flights but we still got in a few early miles.

Monday Oct 30
4.6 miles 7:52 avg pace

Tuesday Oct 31
3.1 miles, 7:40 avg pace

Wednesday Nov 1

Thursday Nov 2
5.45 miles, 8:05 avg pace

Friday Nov 3
4.21 miles, 8:09 avg pace

Saturday Nov 4
5.05 miles, 8:27 avg pace

Sunday Nov 5
2.87 miles, 9:40 avg pace

Weekly Total: 25.28 miles

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  1. 25 miles a week is a great way to ensure 100+ for the month. I love your approach with this!