Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Maintenance Week 3 Review

Another week, another 25 miles.   Last week was a doozy.  I am generally intentionally very careful not to over-schedule our weeks but last week could not be helped.  My SIL and I went to a sparkling wine tasting class on Tuesday night, play practice + costume making for church Christmas play Wednesday night, book club Thursday night, a going away party Friday night, a play with my daughter Saturday night.  Oh daughter broke her arm at a birthday party Saturday afternoon. 

Wow.  Even typing that gave me a headache. 

Lucky for us a week like that is a total anomaly.  I was glad I still hit my 25 mile goal.  The weather is cold but I still haven't resorted to our treadmill.  I ended up squeezing in runs between other things so some lunch runs, some late afternoon runs, some mid-afternoon runs. 

I also haven't figured out my spring marathon yet even though I wanted to last week.  Ideally I would do a spring marathon in the April-June window that I would not have to travel far for.

Monday Nov 13
4.3 miles 7:39 avg pace

Tuesday Nov 14

Wednesday Nov 15
4.1 miles, 7:36 avg pace

Thursday Nov 16

Friday Nov 17
4.56 miles, 7:40 avg pace

Saturday Nov 18
6.5 miles, 7:25 avg pace

Sunday Nov 19
6.1 miles, 7:39 avg pace (solo)
0.2 miles, 11:45 avg pace (with my 3 year old)

Weekly Total: 25.76 miles

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  1. Great week! I'm excited to hear about your spring marathon plans! I think you should have plenty of good options.