Wednesday, November 1, 2017

October 2017 Mileage Update has been over two weeks since I last posted and not a lot has happened running-wise.  I have gone for five runs in that span of time.  My only post-race goal for October was to hit the 100 mile/month 2018 goal I have for myself and that is it.

My husband and I took our two kids on an amazing 9 day vacation to California.  I was excited to not to have to run like I have had to on vacations past; meaning, I am not currently training for any races so not adhering to any set plan.  I still brought a few running outfits and running shoes along though but I only ran one day and that is because I planned a meet-up with a fellow IG friend.  I wanted to run more on vacation, while at the same time not wanting to run more.  We did PLENTY of walking and other physical activities, way more than I do on a typical day, so it I wasn't craving movement beyond what we did.  Looking back, I feel like I should have taken advantage of the amazing scenery and went on more runs.  Hindsight tends to be 20/20 though.

I did cross the 100 mile mark in October, but not by much. 

105.65 miles was the official count.

To date that is the lowest month of 2017 and I am super okay with that because 1:28:35 half marathon.  (Yes.  Still riding high on that...starting to crest into the sadness that it is over.)

105.65 miles is slightly less than the October mileage accrued in 2016 (because my fall half marathon last year occurred in November); but it is higher than my 2015 mileage.  Overall, I am still continuing to widen the gap between my 2016 and 2017 annual mileage so that is fun.

Which brings us to today.  November 1.

I have no more races scheduled for 2017.  My only goals for the next two months are to hit the 100 mile mark in both months, which I feel will give me a fine base to begin spring marathon training in Jan/Feb.  (Spring marathon TBD.  I am still working on figuring that out.)   Finding motivation for the next two months will be a challenge, if history has shown me anything.  I always struggle this time of year because of so many other things going on and quite honestly, 2017 has been a rockstar year for me.  I could log 0 miles for the next two months and be SA-TIS-FIED.


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  1. I like your 100 miles a month goal. Keeps you "on your feet" but it's not too strenuous. You will be fresh for January training.