Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Cellcom Green Bay Marathon Training Week 1 Recap

I have wrapped up the first week (of 18 total) of marathon training.  I should have considered it a sign that I had to change up the plan on the VERY FIRST DAY due to icy conditions.

I mentioned that the plan starts off very slow and that I was going to try to continue with the current rate of running I had going (~28-30 miles per week) until week 6 when the plan would essentially "catch up" to my current mileage.  For simplicity's sake, I am going to post what I should have been doing per my plan for the weekly recaps.

Plan Says:  Off.

What I did: Off.  I wanted to run this day and have Tuesday be my day off since that will be my official "off" day.  Unfortunately it was an ice storm all day so I had to make it an off day, since I do not yet have an indoor running option (P.S. Treadmill gets delivered TOMORROW!).

Plan Says: Off

What I did: 4.57 miles, 34:05 (7:28 avg pace)

Plan Says: easy 3 miles (easy defined as 8:13-8:49 avg pace)

What I did: 5.5 miles, 42:12 (7:40 avg pace) over Runch!  I woke up early to get this run in before work, got dressed, started running and was sliding all over the place.  DAMN ICE!  I called it quits after 3 minutes.  The temperatures warmed the ground enough so that by lunch, it was no longer slippery and I got a good run in, and a break from the office!

Plan Says: off

What I did: 3.45 miles, 26:01 (7:33 avg pace)

Plan Says: easy 3 miles

What I did:  Set my alarm for 5 AM to get a run in prior to the day since we were leaving after school/work for a long weekend in Wisconsin Dells with my siblings and mom.  At 4:50 AM, my son woke up with a mild fever and headache.  I cannot make this shit up!  No running that morning for me. I think to myself that I can maybe get a treadmill run in at the resort after kids go to bed.

Then, I start feeling sick myself in the afternoon.  I somehow got myself home to chug some pepto-bismol.  My husband scraped me off the couch to get into the car where I promptly fell asleep in the front seat for most of the 2 hour drive.  I got to the resort, chugged some more Pepto, got lost in the resort with my 3 year old.  AHHH.  The two of us went to bed early.

ZERO miles ran.

Plan Says: easy 4 miles

What I did:  Despite the fact that 3/4 of my duffel was running clothes, I passed on the long run.  I still wasn't feeling well.  I took a nap instead of ran and went to bed early.

Plan says: off

What I did:  I felt back to normal by Sunday so I decided to go for a run around the resort.  Except for the fact that in my nausea episode Friday night I forgot to grab my Garmin which was charging by the computer.  I grabbed and ran with my cell phone.  Based on the activity monitor on that, I believe I ran 3.6 miles.

Weekly Total
Plan says: 10 miles
What I did: 17.12 miles

While I am happy that I at least cleared the week 1 plan total, this is almost half of what my goal mileage was for the week.  Womp womp.  Not exactly a stellar start, but it is a new week!

Weekly takeaways:  
1. Need to continue to try to slow pace down on the easy days.
2. Continue working on mobility from the hip down.  (Calves, right anterior tibial tendon still cranky)
3. Runch is a good option to try to work in one day a week!

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  1. That's a nice start to your training! I think you will enjoy trying out a new plan and the challenge it brings. I agree that slowing down the easy runs will help. It wont' make a huge difference now, but in 5-6 weeks it probably will!