Monday, January 30, 2017

Cellcom Green Bay Marathon Week 2 Training Recap + Icebreaker Marathon Relay Race!

Week 2 didn't get any easier. (I're sitting there shocked.) My husband's grandmother passed away last Wednesday so we had lots going on.  Additionally, I got sick (again) with a sore throat, congestion and laryngitis.  I still managed to get runs in 6 days last week and had the Icebreaker Marathon Relay Race!

Plan Says:  Easy 2 miles

What I did: 4.25 miles, 31:12 (7:21 avg pace).  Another shorts run in January!

Plan Says: Off

What I did: 5.2 miles, 41:47 (8:02 avg pace) Yay!  Above 8:00 pace!

Plan Says: easy 3 miles

What I did: Off.

Plan Says: easy 3 miles

What I did: 5.1 miles, 40:16 (7:54 avg pace)
It had snowed overnight so I did this in Yaktrax. The snow was not a clumpy snow this time so the Yaktrax worked beautifully.  No slippage. I felt very sluggish and the beginnings of the sore throat.

Plan Says: easy 3 miles

What I did: 4 miles, 31:58 (8:00 avg pace).  More sore throat and sinus action!

Plan Says: easy 4 miles

What I did:  Today I had the Icebreaker Marathon Relay at the Pettit National Ice Center.  The track is ~450 m around and like last year, Oiselle had a great presence.  We ended up with 8 teams of 4 people each.  Each of the 8 teams had the same strategy:  Every person runs 12 x 800 (really 900m).

Based on my experience last year, I knew my lungs and throat would hurt by the end of the day. Since I already had a sore throat, I knew it would be worse.  I drank a lot of warm Nuun in the beginning which really helped.  I was sorry I didn't bring more.  I did about a mile warm up with my team and then we were off.  I again was the lead runner, which I love because it is the first laps are the only time you can truly be competitive since it is near impossible to tell what place you are in and who is on what team during the other laps of the event.

I CRUSHED my first split, likely due to the fact that they started off playing Bruce Springsteen's Born to Run.  (Since it is indoor and around a track, they play music the whole time.)  I was really happy with my splits for the race, which ranged from 3:07 - 3:17.  My legs started to feel heavy towards the end but I still maintained an even pace.  My team finish time was 2;48:04, good for 4th place.  We missed 3rd place by 3 seconds!!!  The event was more competitive this year.  Last year my team won this race easily with a 2:43:10.  This year's women's team won with a 2:36:15!!

I was very run down afterwards.  I used my Roll Recovery R8 and drank lots of warm nuun and tried to go to bed early but had trouble sleeping.

Plan says: off

What I did:  We had my husband's grandmother's funeral and my grandfather's surprise 80th birthday party lined up for this day.  It was slightly emotionally draining and I still didn't feel that well.  After the day's events were over and we got the kids to bed, I managed 3.5 miles on our NEW TREADMILL!  The treadmill arrived Wednesday and we unpacked it that night and brought it down to our basement piece by piece.  Originally we had planned to put it in the unfinished portion of our basement but my husband thought that was too depressing.  The problem was that the finished part of our basement has carpet and I didn't buy a treadmill mat.  Hello Amazon Prime.

The treadmill mat arrived on Friday so we spent Friday night assembling the treadmill.  It took us 1 hour and 15 minutes and was definitely not bad.  And do you know who is running on that treadmill as I type?!


My husband.  AHHHH!  I'll turn him into a runner yet.

Weekly Total
Plan says: 15 miles
What I did: 29.85 miles

Outside of my race, my runs were on the slower end which I was happy about even though some days they felt a little strenuous, likely because I was not feeling 100%.  Bring on week 3.

Weekly takeaways: 
1. Need to continue to try to slow pace down on the easy days.
2. Continue working on mobility from the hip down.
3. Warm Nuun is amazing.


  1. Very cool about the new treadmill! I'm impressed you were able to run that pace in the Yax Trax. I have those and I run so slowly in them. Luckily, it doesn't snow as much here as it does where you are. I find it interesting that the plan starts with such low mileage and I think you are doing the right thing by doing slightly more at your level.

    1. Do you have the Yaktrax "Run"? maybe that is the difference? I agree that the plan's first 6 weeks (of 18) make me question it because it starts SO LOW and then there is a big jump between 5 and 6.