Monday, April 3, 2017

Cellcom Green Bay Marathon Training: Week 11 Recap

Monday Mar 27
Week 11 required a switch from "speed" workouts to "strength" workouts on Mondays.  This really means that I will be doing faster paced for longer distances at 10 seconds faster than goal marathon pace.  My body was still in speed mode, apparently.

Plan Says:  6 x 1 mile at 7:10 with 1 mile warm up and cool down and 400 recovery.

What I did:  I slept in and left work early to get this done before the bus, which ALMOST happened.

1 mile warm up:  7:44.

1 mile 6:51 / 0.25 at 2:01 (8:05 avg pace)
1 mile 6:50 / 0.25 at 2:07 (8:27 avg pace)
1 mile 6:49 / 0.25 at 2:08 (8:33 avg pace)
1 mile 6:49 / 0.25 at 2:06 (8:21 avg pace)
1 mile 6:49 / 0.12 at 1:04 (8:46 avg pace)
1 mile 6:36

At this point the bus pulled up so I did my 1 mile cool down on the treadmill -
1 mile, 9:03.

total: 9.17 miles

I felt so good during this.  My legs were tired at the end, but I did not feel completely spent.

Tuesday Mar 28
Plan Says: Off

What I did: No running, but did the Jasyoga High Mileage Reset routine

Wednesday Mar 29
Plan Says: 8 mile tempo run at 7:15 pace, with 1 mile warm up and cool down.

What I did:
I got up early and ran 1 mile laps around my neighborhood to get this done before work!  I was really pleased with myself for that.  4:30 AM alarms are NO JOKE.  I just went into the tempo run, no warm up, again.  I really need to not do this.

8 miles, 56:22 (7:02 avg pace)
7:28 / 7:03 / 7:03 / 7:00 / 6:53 / 6:58 / 6:55 / 7:01

2.4 mile cool down, 19:43 (8:13 avg pace)

Thursday Mar 30
Plan Says: easy 5 miles

What I did:  I did this at night after the kids were in bed because it poured rain all day and I slept in on Thursday morning.  5.01 miles, 40:28 (8:05 avg pace).

My legs felt tired during this and sore from some of the PT activities I did as part of the class I went to on Wednesday night.

Friday Mar 31
Plan Says: easy 8 miles

What I did: Woke up at 4:30 and got going.  Still felt kinda tired.

8.01 miles, 1:05:16 (8:09 avg pace).

Saturday Apr 1
Plan Says: 16 miles at long run pace - 7:54 for me

What I did:  I had lunch + spa day scheduled with some girlfriends so I had to get up early to get this done.  (I know - #firstworldproblems ).

Unfortunately, I overslept by 2 hours, which meant that I was not going to be getting 16 miles in before I had to leave for the spa.  I would have to get it done at night.

Fast forward to the spa.  I ended up having a therapist with experience in PT/chiropractic and who served as the massage therapist for a local cycling team.  Score!  I ended up getting some strange kind of massage that felt amazing.  He also told me to take it easy for the rest of the day.  No running.

I got back home much later than I anticipated and my husband wanted to run after the kids were in bed.  I really want my husband to continue this trend he has going of running ~3 times a week so I told him to go.  Even though my day was "relaxing" I was very tired and sore.  I rationalized that the massage that I had gotten will probably not detract from the Hanson Marathon Method concept of cumulative fatigue!

So, an unplanned rest day for me.  This was a good lesson for me because usually I feel that I get a bit lucky when I oversleep and somehow still get my workout in.  Not today!

Sunday Apr 2
Plan says: Easy 5 miles

What I did:  
At this point, I knew I was going to end the week with a missing workout and I didn't want the missing workout to be my long run so I set my alarm for 430 so I could get in 16 miles before church.  It ended up being a nice morning for a run and I started listening to the S-town podcast, which I find riveting.  I definitely felt tired during this run, but felt like I was on autopilot since I was focused on listening to the podcast.  11 of the 16 miles were done running 1.2 mile loops around my neighborhood.

16 miles, 2:06:47 (7:55 avg pace).  A second per mile off of suggested pace.  I'll take it.

Mile paces:
7:57 / 8:00 / 7:52 / 7:57 / 8:00 / 7:53 / 8:03 / 8:04 / 7:59 / 7:57 / 7:57 / 8:00 / 7:52 / 7:50 / 7:51 / 7:32

Weekly Total
Plan says:  53.5 miles
What I did: 48.62 miles

Eleven weeks of marathon training done!  AND, I got up at 4:30am THREE days.  What am I becoming?! Even though I missed a workout, I still feel that this was a good week.  I learned a lot about the condition of my body through the PT class and massage and know that I have some asymmetries that I need to work out.

Additionally, I tallied 184.92 miles for the month of March.  I was SO excited about this!  Previously my highest monthly mileage was 165.99, in March of 2016 prepping for Boston.  April is set to be even higher than that!  Insane!  This type of mileage is something I never really thought possible for myself.  I recall talking to my coach last year as he was putting together my plan for Boston and saying "I really don't know how I would run more than 4 days a week or more than 40 miles for a week."  Never say never people!

1.  This week, I started listening to the S-Town Podcast and made it through 2.5 chapters on my long run.  I am enjoying it.  Anyone else listening?

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  1. Your training has really jumped up in the past two weeks. Great job on being so consistent. Your paces are really impressive as well.