Friday, April 14, 2017

(Lots of) Friday Links!

The Boston Marathon is Monday!!!!!!  Seeing all the social media buzz definitely has led me to have some "wish I was running it" thoughts, but I still maintain that I made a good decision in opting not to run it this year.  Now if only I could figure out how to get my free stocks from the Strava pop-up in Boston for completing the Runners World Boston Marathon challenge on Strava, because let's face it, part of my FOMO is missing the expo and pop-up shop giveaways and product testing!! LOVE IT!

Speaking of mileage - my April mileage total right now is 98.64.  April last year was 99.03 FOR THE WHOLE MONTH!  

Ok, let's get to the links. 

1.  I will be watching the Boston Marathon on Monday and cheering for Desi!  So many links about her this week: This was my fave

Sports Illustrated (Admittedly, I haven't read this one yet)

2.  Speaking of Boston, if you are on Instagram, go to @adidaswomen for a really cool swipe left profile on Katherine Switzer recalling her iconic race

4.  Kara Goucher fans, two links for you!

I'm trying a few new things this marathon training cycle - new training program (Hansons Marathon Method) and intentionally focusing on mental aspects of running so the new few articles were right up my alley.

One big thing that I have come around to during the last few weeks is the importance of the easy runs on my mental health.  I think this is why I like HMM so much - I still get my competitive side flared up for 3 workouts, where I have to be thinking about pace, but not ALL of my workouts are pace focused.  I have 3 runs a week that I can run as slow as I want to and in fact, should be running slower.  This is so freeing to me and has decreased some of my anxiety I had about marathon training in the past.  

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