Friday, April 7, 2017

Friday Links!

Here are a few links if you find yourself looking for running/fitness related articles on the Internet!

1. Elite Runners, Women, the First Marathoners to Lose to Father Time. 
Articles like this depress me.

2. A Running Conversation with My Brother

3. All the Boston Marathon Shoes 
I really want the lobster ones, but feel like I can't order them since I am not running it this year.

4.  A Day in the Life of Deena Kastor
I can't wait to read her book!!!!

5.  On Effort

6.  April is the Toughest Month
This is written by one of the Cellcom Green Bay Marathon Bloggers.
"May is coming. It is a lie if anyone tells you that race day is going to be easy. It won’t be. What I am saying is that doing ALL of the April training is tougher. Hopefully we have all laid the foundation to prepare us for April’s heavy miles. If you have done that and buckle down in April. Race day will be more fun."

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