Friday, April 21, 2017

Friday Links

I hope you had a great week!  My week started strong but went downhill as I am recovering from a cold/sinus/allergy thing.  Better feeling under the weather now than in 27 days!

Did you watch the Boston Marathon?  I did!  It's magical.  I was obsessed with the race again this year and could not believe how hot it was!  I thought for sure after last year's heat, the race was due for a cold spell.  Once again there are many people crushed that the end result did not reflect all the hard training they put in.  Been there.  It's rough.   You know who didn't have a bad day? Jordan Hasay.  WOW.   Did you see the video of the man with the prosthetic leg carrying a woman across the finish?  It brought tears to my eyes...and then I read her recap.

Tuesday night I went to a nutrition clinic featuring Annie Weiss, so naturally, I'm now loving getting caught up on her blog.

The London Marathon is this weekend.  I will be cheering for Kellyn Taylor!

10 tiny tweaks that will change your life from one of my favorites, Laura VanderKam

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