Monday, April 13, 2015

Marathon Training Week 15: Kicking off the taper

You may have noticed that I have been getting delayed posting these.  Sorry!  I'm not entirely sure how many people are actually reading these (besides Sneeder, who asked me last week when I was going to get around to posting!) so if you're reading, leave me a comment!

Week 15 turned out to be a decent week, building on the success of Week 14.  (I still get excited about that 20 mile run!)

Race Day is 2 weeks and 4 days away from today (Monday 4/13).  EEK!

Monday 4/6
Plan says: Optional easy 3 miles

What I do: Unfortunately I didn't even attempt to run because I had to take my son to the doctor right after dinner where he was diagnosed with a double ear infection.  Fun times! 0 miles

Tuesday 3/31
Plan says: easy 5-6 miles

What I do:  0 miles.  I went to Costco with my in-laws.  

Wednesday 3/25
Plan says: Rest or cross-train

What I do: 5 miles (Tuesday's missed workout).  5.08 miles, 38:05.6 (7:30/mi avg).  My legs were definitely still tired from the 20 miles.

Thursday 3/26
Plan says: 1-2 miles warm up, 5-6 miles tempo, 1-2 miles cool down

What I do: I was still tired, so I did Friday's workout and logged 3.51 miles.  Unfortunately, I did not record the pace or anything about this run and a glitch in my Garmin deleted a week's worth of data before I got a chance to upload.

Total: 3.51 miles

Friday 3/27
Plan says: easy 3-4 miles

What I do: rest 0 miles

Saturday 3/28
Plan says: 20-21 miles

What I do:   Missed tempo workout.  Anticipating that I had no battery left on my Garmin, I took it with me to work to charge.  The watch charged and I threw it in my purse.  Not sure what happened, but I left on my run and got the low battery warning about 3 steps into my run.  UGH!  The watch officially died at 2.63 miles.  So i did what I thought was at least 7 miles, and I was HUFFING it.  I returned home to find out that I logged 7.5 miles (via Gmap Pedometer).  Again plugged the Garmin into my computer so I would have it for the long run.

Total: 7.5 miles, no idea on pace or total time

Sunday 4/12
Plan says:  Rest

What I do: Long run!  I really messed around with this run to the point that I was back at my house at 13 miles and really thirsty so I stopped and did another 2.3 after dinner, about 4 hours later.  Hello split distance!  It was hotter than it has been - mid 60s and sunny so I tore through 16 oz of water that I took along right away.   I still felt really tired during this run.

Once again, i listened to some podcasts, outdoors.  I have found that if I don't listen to podcasts while running, I won't listen to them so it ends up being a great way to "kill two birds with one stone" to borrow a Joodlism (husband's term for something my mom says).
1: Here's The Thing with Alec Baldwin with David Blaine (remaining partial)
2: Happier with Gretchen Rubin, podcast #7
3, 4: This American Life #552 Need to Know and #553 Stuck in the Middle (partial)

1 - 7:55
2 - 7:34
3 - 7:27
4 - 7:38
5 - 7:27
6 - 7:46
7 - 7:49
8 - 7:39
9 - 7:41
10 -7:52 
11 - 7:38
12 - 7:34
13 - 7:40
14 - 7:26
15 - 6:53
0.44 - 3:03

Total: 15.44 miles, 1:57:03 (7:35/mi avg)

Week 15 Total Mileage: 31.02 miles
Completed 4 of the 4 mandatory workouts!


  1. I'm reading! Although, it's an indication of how behind I am on blog reading that I didn't notice the week delay. While your posts are mostly an accountability report, they help me quite a bit as I'm trying to train for my first race in about 4 years. ["Train" is a bit of a stretch - it's more like "make sure I can get to the finish line." We run regularly in CrossFit, but never more than 5K, due to the 1 hour timeline of the class.] Reading your efforts every week keeps me pumped about staying as consistent as I can with the training.
    Bummer about the double ear infection, Will.

  2. Still reading! Keep up the strong work!

  3. Still reading! Keep up the strong work!