Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Week 16: Fueled (or should I say, Ruled) by Sugar

Thanks for the comments last week Maura and Jill!  You both made my day :)

Week 16 was decent.  My mantra of being tired continued for the beginning of the week and I may have gorged on sugar a few times.  I have easy access to sugar from the zillion Easter baskets my kids got.   BAD BAD BAD.  

Monday 4/13
Plan says: Easy 4-5 miles, 6 x 20 second sprints followed by 10 seconds easy

What I do: 0 miles.  I took a rest day since I did my long run the day before.

Tuesday 4/14
Plan says: easy 7 miles

What I do:  Monday's missed workout. 4.7 miles total, 36:02 (7:40/mi) 

Wednesday 4/15
Plan says: Rest or cross-train

What I do: Tuesday's missed workout.  7.01 miles, 53:12 (7:35/mi avg).  

Thursday 4/16
Plan says: easy 7-8 miles

What I do: 0 miles.  I was running a day behind on my plan and was very tired. So I did what any addict does - laid on the couch and gorged on sugar!

Total: 0 miles

Friday 4/17
Plan says: OPTIONAL easy 3-4 miles

What I do: I had a church meeting so I did not run.  Before you feel too badly for me it was a group of women from church who met to have nails done, wine and snacks.  Yeah..that kind of "meeting". ha ha ha

Saturday 4/18
Plan says: 14-16 miles

What I do:   Headed out during nap time.  I made this avocado pasta dish for lunch from Runner's World and it was delicious.  Fueled up, I grabbed my ipod and took off.  I was way overdressed so I dropped my LS shirt off back home after mile 1 (I usually get the first mile done in our neighborhood).  It was a beautiful sunny day and I got very emotional listening to the Another Mother Runner podcast below - I may or may not have started getting choked up when they played Brave and thinking of the marathon. 

Here was my podcast lineup:
3: This American Life #554 Not It! (partial)

I felt really great the last 6 miles of this run.  I went out too fast (miles 2-5) and paid for it.  (Have been thinking a lot about strategy for race day!)

1 - 7:26
2 - 7:19
3 - 7:14
4 - 7:22
5 - 7:20
6 - 7:27
7 - 7:45
8 - 8:03
9 - 7:39
10 -7:29 
11 - 7:33
12 - 7:35
13 - 7:34
14 - 7:41
0.14 - 1:06

Total: 14.14 miles, 1:46:29 (7:32/mi avg)

I have some great tan lines going on mid-thigh from my shorts, on my neckline from my shirt and my watch.  I actually love it even though the first time I have to wear a swim suit this summer I'm going to curse them!

Sunday 4/19
Plan says:  Rest

What I do: Rest.  I had planned on getting Thursday's missed workout in today but alas. It was pouring so I took it as a sign to skip it.

Week 16 Total Mileage: 25.85 miles
Completed 3 of the 4 mandatory workouts

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