Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Motivation is a difficult thing for me so I like to have a number of strategies to call on when the motivation tank dips low.

One motivator throughout my training is public accountability through this blog.  Even though I don't have a ton of readers, on more than one occasion, the thought of having to tell people I hadn't run has spurred me to action.  Obviously, if you have been reading, you know that I missed plenty of workouts so that didn't ALWAYS work! (Gretchen Rubin would label me an Obliger.)

Another motivator is the little girl that I was paired with two years ago in the "I Run 4" program. This program matches runners with people with special needs or disabilities which prevent them from being able to run.  It operates mainly through Facebook.  I often think about my match when I am having a really difficult run, or through a difficult patch and it really does help me get through it.

I also signed up to follow a lot of running related accounts on Facebook and Instagram so when I scroll through either of those feeds they are mostly related to running.  Somehow, even just seeing headlines, photos, and motivating quotes helps.  This is also why I ripped out a "We Are Boston" New Balance ad and hung it on my fridge.

I love a good running-related story.  Here's a great one on the man who finished this year's Boston marathon in last place.

What motivates you?


  1. You! I rarely comment, but always read, and have loved following this journey. Your resolve, talent, and ability to not let little training hiccups or sickness divert your overall plan is admirable. All the while being a great mom and wife. I am so excited for you and can't wait for the big race Saturday! You inspire. Thank you...I think having a friend to give that inspiration for me is the biggest motivator. That and ice cream.

  2. You are too kind. I think my husband and kids would not have always used the adjective "great" to describe my wife and motherly duties over the past several months however.