Friday, January 6, 2017

Friday Links: Happy New Year!

I am a sucker for New Year motivational quotes, posts, and articles.  You have been warned.

My motivation lately has been more "meh" than "yay".  Here are some reads and sees (videos) in case you ever find yourself in the same place.

1. Get on the treadmill, Bertha

2. A mantra for every runner

3. 5 Fun Challenges to Improve the Running Mind

I have started some of these this week, namely the "inappropriately dressed challenge" but not on purpose.  We again have had crazy winds combined with low temperatures which has entered us into the negative zone.  I went running two days in a row in negative temps and the first day I didn't layer enough on top; the second day, not enough on the bottom.  It was an interesting exercise in mindset because I surpassed my expectation both days - logging 5 miles the first day and 3.7 the second (I was not even ready to be done, but alas! the bus came.)  I look forward to trying more of these during marathon training.

4. Be a Girl Who Runs

5.  Learning to Ask

6. Have you seen this Adidas commercial done by a German student? Brought tears to my eyes!

7. Start Off Strong

8.  Athleta just launched four Power of She videos.

Happy New Year!

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