Friday, January 13, 2017

Friday Links

Happy Friday!  As usual, some running-related reading for you:

1.  Retirement of US Track & Field Stars will leave a void.

I am not a regular Sports Illustrated reader; however I do follow Nick Symmonds on Instagram and he posted a photo of a bison with the quote from this article which was really such a great visual image.  This led me to reading the full article.  Be sure to click on the link to the vine re: Ashton Eaton within the article too :)

2.  Speaking of Ashton Eaton, did you read the We Are Eaton retirement announcement?

3. 2017 is the Year of Conquering Negative Thinking.

4.  Gabe Grunewald and thinking, "Why Not Me"?

"At first I was attracted to the social aspect of it [running] as some of my best friends were joining the running program, but I quickly fell in love with the simple act of running and how it made me feel.  I always enjoyed being a part of a team but running was different from the team sports in that I had to be accountable for my own performance.  I liked that I had to depend mainly on myself for my results, I didn't have to compete for playing time or a certain position."

5. The Lovely Loneliness of The Solitary Run

More and more I am finding out that I really enjoy running by myself because it truly is the only part of the entire day where I am alone.  The office of my job is often referred to as the Google office because it is a big open space with no workstation that we truly call our own.  I live with my husband and two young kids.  Unless I go for a run, I am always around people.  I am increasingly aware of how wonderful that alone time is.

Enjoy your weekend!

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