Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year! Week in Review Dec 26 - Jan 1

Happy New Year! I hope you were able to get out for a run today!

After a few dismal weeks of mileage, I am happy to report that I had a decent week, book-ended by two outdoor runs IN SHORTS!  My marathon training does not technically start until 1/18 so I have a few more weeks before I am officially on plan.  This week, I did not have any agenda except that I wanted to get one hour-long run in.

Monday December 26:  It was so warm this day that I wore shorts, a long sleeve and a trucker hat!  The only thing I had to deal with was plenty of wind, and lots of slushy sidewalks from melting snow.

6.01 miles, 43:15 (7:12 avg pace)

Tuesday December 27: Off

Wednesday December 28: 4.01 miles, 29:50 (7:27 avg pace)

Thursday December 29: 4.02 miles, 29:24 (7:18 avg pace)

Friday December 30: off

Saturday December 31: 3.01 miles, 21:25 (7:07 avg pace)

Sunday January 1:  Again, I was in shorts!  I was pushing it a bit as it was 40 out, but I had knee-high compression socks on with two layers on top, hat and gloves.  I also broke out a new pair of shoes for this run:  Saucony ISOs.  They are really cushy.  Since I have been running so much in my Adidas Boost 3, the Saucony felt heavy.  I started this one out too fast but was able to finish fast.  I need to start slowing down and practicing a slower pace.  Paces in the Hanson's Marathon plan are VERY specific and all of this week's runs are way too fast.

8.41 miles, 1:00:02 (7:08 avg pace)

Mile 1:  6:56
Mile 2:  7:22
Mile 3:  7:26
Mile 4:  7:18
Mile 5:  7:21
Mile 6:  7:01
Mile 7:  7:02
Mile 8:  6:41
Mile 9:  7:08

Weekly Total: 25.46 miles

December Wrap-Up

I already posted that I met my December goal of retiring my Adidas Boost 3 running shoes.  My December ended up with 88.87 miles total, which was 33.56 miles less than December 2015.  December 2015 was a good month for me as it was the month of my marathon training ramp up after several less than stellar months.  I am hoping that my more consistent second half of 2016 will pay dividends as I ramp back up in mileage for marathon training this month!

2017 is going to be a great year and I look forward to running through it!

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  1. Nice week! I agree that you will be way better off if you slow down your easy runs. You'll feel better on the harder workouts if you do that. Happy New Year!