Friday, May 5, 2017

Friday Links!

Happy Friday!  Well, my knee seems to be fine.  {Breathes sigh of relief} I have yet to get my run in today but am not anticipating any issues.  Of all things, my left shoulder is what hurts the most post-fall.

I have a big weekend ahead - my brother is getting married!  I hope you all have a great weekend.  Here are a few links for you:

1.  Nike's Breaking2 project is happening TONIGHT.  Here is the latest in-depth profile from Runner's World.  Several elite women that I follow on Instagram have asked, "When do the ladies get a turn?"

2.  I mentioned last week that WI-ultrarunner and all around badass Ani Weiss is attempting to run the entire Ice Age Trail in the FKT.  I have been enjoying the updates of her progress.  Here is the Day 3 update.

3. Amy Hastings Cragg donated her overdue prize money to Girls on the Run!  Uplifting story here.

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