Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Marathon Goals

Barring any unforeseen injury or sickness (PLEASE DEAR GOD NO!), I will be running a marathon in 5 days.



My stomach is starting to churn.

I am nervous.

And excited.

Excitedly nervous?

My main goal is not a time goal.  My main goal is not to have a breakdown at Mile 16...18...or 24, per usual.  (By usual, I am referring to my recent two marathons (2015, 2016) and not marathons before that.)

As in, "Amy, do not use the F word to refer to the race, e.g., "F*** this race"."

Do NOT proclaim to your mom that you are never doing this again.

Smile when it hurts.

Bring pain along for the ride.

Stay in the mile you're in.

I could keep going but you get the picture.

In other goals, it's no secret that I really want to PR this race.   I think I am set to do that.  I have to run faster than 3:25:50 which is a 7:51/mile.  My very-pace-specific-training-pace was 7:15 which equates to a 3:10.  If I am in the ball park of 3:10 - 3:25 I will be ecstatic.

You can track me here.

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  1. Have a great race! I know you will crush it! Your training has been really solid.