Wednesday, May 24, 2017

What's Next?

Yesterday I wanted to go for a run.  I should specify that my legs did not want to go for a run but my head did.

I did not run.  I am trying very hard to follow the recommendation in Hanson's to take at least 7-10 days off of running.  Initially that did not sound very long.  But after 18 weeks of 6 days/week running, I am already struggling.  #brainwashed :)

I still think I could make more improvements in my half and full marathon times now that I am over a big mental block in both.  My big pie in the sky dream is to sub-3 the marathon someday.  I'm not really sure the best route to set myself up to do this so I'll probably be reading a lot for the remainder of the year.  I also am at a point again where I need someone to help me figure out long term planning.  What is the best way to develop more speed and endurance to get me to sub 3?  Is it even reasonable to think that I could knock another 11:09 off my marathon time?  (For reference that is at least a 6:51/mile pace.  My marathon Sunday was 7:18.)  What is reasonable to expect for goals for next marathons?  While I made a big jump in my most recent marathon, I know that from here out improvements are going to be on a much more modest scale.

While I ponder these questions, I also have more races!  I do not have plans to do another marathon in 2017.  I plan on spending my summer doing some new things - a 10K trail race in June, a duathlon in July - in addition to some 5ks, 8ks, 10ks, leading up to another fall half marathon.

If you have books, websites, resources, etc to recommend, I'm all ears!

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