Monday, December 4, 2017

Maintenance Miles Week 5 Recap

Another week, another 25 miles.  I'm grateful for the consistency these days.

I started this week strong and then took two rest days in a row mid-week.  I struggled with sleep last week and this was entirely self-imposed because I got sucked into reading a huge novel and stayed up way too late reading, and then sometimes had trouble sleeping because I was thinking about the book.

SO.  The good news is that I still hit 25 miles and I finished the book Sunday morning. 

The bad news is that I might have broken my toe this morning.  From dropping the heaviest, largest bar of soap I have ever seen on it.   I know.  This story is so embarrassing.

Let's just get to recapping the week, shall we?

Monday Nov 27
5 miles, 37:47 (7:33 avg pace)

Tuesday Nov 28
5 miles, 40:50 (8:09 avg pace)

Wednesday Nov 29

Thursday Nov 30

Friday Dec 1
4.15 miles, 30:53 (7:27)

Saturday Dec 2
It was 50 degrees and sunny so I broke out the shorts!  LOVE IT!
8.01 miles, 1:00:54 (7:37)

Sunday Dec 3
3.25 miles, 24:21 (7:29).  My 4 year old got a headlamp for his birthday so I tested it out on the run.  I really loved it!  I may be borrowing more of it in the future!

Weekly Total: 25.40 miles

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  1. Great week. Maybe I should try using a headlamp that's made for a child since my adult one is way too big on me! Hope your toe isn't broken.