Monday, December 11, 2017

Maintenance Miles Week 6 Recap

I hit 25 miles by the skin of my teeth last week!

My toe is not broken.  I had it buddy taped for a few days and I still ran on it, as it was not causing me any pain.  It was purple for the whole week which looked pretty gross.  It feels totally fine now.

I was able to cross a lot of time consuming (non-running) activities off my list.  My daughter's play that she has been practicing for months occurred yesterday so no more practices/costume making!  I finally finished our holiday cards!  My holiday shopping is almost done, and all of the gifts were wrapped over the weekend.  All this to say is that time is finite - because I was doing a lot of these activities, I wasn't running as much.

We also got SNOW over the weekend!  Saturday I ran in the snow, which was fun.  Yesterday, I didn't run until after the kids were in bed, so I opted for the dreadmill.

I'm getting super bored with these maintenance miles and looking forward to actually following a plan with workouts.  I have to get planning when the return to that will be though!

Here is what I managed to squeak out last week:

Monday Dec 4
5.3 miles, 41:42 (7:52 avg pace)

Tuesday Dec 5
4 miles, 30:31 (7:37 avg pace)

Wednesday Dec 6

Thursday Dec 7

Friday Dec 8
6.2 miles, 49:03 (7:55)

Saturday Dec 9
6.2 miles, 48:00 (7:44)

Sunday Dec 10
3.42 miles, 30:00 (8:47)

Weekly Total: 25.12 miles

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  1. Great week. It's good that this is boring you because you will really look forward to the structure and variety of a plan!