Friday, September 23, 2016

Friday Links: Adjusting to new routines


Friday comes around again, after yet another challenging week.  So many 'new' things for our family this month (new school/routine for my 6yo, new daycare room for my 2 yo, new car, new swim lessons, new sunday school).  September is a really exciting month because of all of the "new" starts...and all that new at once can be challenging to adjust to.  Lots of adjusting going on at my house, for the big and the little people.

Today I had two things hit my Facebook feed - a poem by Lauren Fleshman and a blog post by a fellow Oiselle Volee member.  Both were right place, right time reads for me.  With all of the adjusting, I have been clinging to old ways of doing things that used to work for our family, and finding myself sliding into this multitasking train wreck.  Time to breathe.  BREATHE.  And investigate how to re-structure life so that I am not feeling so scattered and out of sorts.

I made it back to morning runs yesterday and today.  Ahhhh.  Have to keep this going.  While night runs worked so well at the beginning of this year during marathon training, they do not work right now.  Get up get out of bed! If I can get out of bed in the morning, I can get the run in.

Which leads me to my next habit I need to change:



BREATHE. Return from freak out.

Part of my trouble right now is that with this schedule change, my kids are complete fucking disasters in the afternoon when I pick them up. (i try to keep the language clean here, but that word is too appropriate for the situation.)  As long as I can remember, I have been cooking dinner right away after I get home from work/picking them up, while they play in the late afternoon/early evening (of course having to duck in to mediate now and then).  Then we play together AFTER dinner.  This plan has totally fallen apart lately as both my kids need me a lot more when they get home, particularly my son who wants to read, do puzzles, WITH ME, NOW.   I love this and love doing these things with him...AND I also need to make dinner.  Which means we have been eating a lot of junk lately (and cue face full of lovely acne...again).  I thought some of these were good ideas for quick weeknight dinner ideas.  I may try weekend prep as I already meal plan and grocery shop for the week on the weekend.

Looking forward to my long run tomorrow!!!!!!

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