Monday, September 26, 2016

Week 4 Half Marathon Training Recap

4 weeks of half-marathon training down!

Last week was still difficult in terms of figuring out when to get my weekday runs in because my body was not firing to get up in the early part of the week.  Monday did not happen because I shut off my alarm and stayed in bed a minute too long and fell back asleep.  Tuesday I also slept through my alarm but was able to squeeze in a 5 mile tempo run in during the work day.  I used shower wipes for the first time before going back to the office.  I don't think that I smelled but I didn't really feel fresh and clean!  I really like the "runch" but the shower situation is not ideal.

Wednesday I woke up on time but it was lightning outside.  I opted to try to get my workout in at night...when you guessed it - still lightning.  Perhaps I was being overly cautious about this?

Thursday and Friday I rebounded nicely getting 5 mile runs in at 5 AM both days.

The real winner of the week was my 8 mile long run on Saturday morning.  My goal for this run was to negative split.  Do not start fast!  I felt in control and a little squeaky for the first few miles and then magic happened.  I felt amazing for the second half and my last mile was faster than 3 of my 8K miles in my race last weekend.

Mile splits:

Huge smile on my face after that run.

I had one more 5 miler to get in for the week...and I skipped it.  The hubs and I did a staycation to celebrate our anniversary and while I did bring running stuff along, I opted to lounge in our amazing suite with coffee rather than running.

Bring on Week 5!

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  1. Great week. I would love to be able to run during lunch, but it would be difficult to have enough time to shower after. We thankfully have locker rooms, but there's really not enough time to do a run and take a shower, etc. Glad to see you running strong!