Monday, September 12, 2016

Half-Marathon Training Week 2: NAILED IT

If you follow me on Instagram (@amyschlott) you know that last week, the second week of half-marathon training, I ran FIVE days.  Well, I have an important update: I actually ran SIX days and crossed off all of the workouts on my plan.

Monday: Labor Day

I had a beautiful 5 mile run along Big Cedar Lake in the early morning hours.  I love running along the lake when we are there with family.  36:47.8 (7:21 avg pace).


3.25 easy morning miles (24:30, 7:32 avg pace) with 6 strides after.




1 mi warm up, followed by 3 mile repeats, followed by 1 mile cool down, again in the morning.  The goal pace for my mile repeats was to be half-marathon goal pace plus 10-20 seconds. I am working with the half-marathon goal pace of 7:00 miles. I ran these mile repeats way too fast: 6:48, 6:43, 6:31.


4.03 easy morning miles, 30:41 (7:37 avg pace)


6.24 miles, 43:31.7 (6:59 avg pace).


Was supposed to be off, but my six-year old daughter asked me to go on a run with her.  We did 1.5 miles of a run/walk AND then our family did a 6 mile bike ride.

Total Miles (excludes Sunday): 23.65

Four of these runs were done in the morning - three of them in the DARK.  I am finding that 5 AM runs are almost becoming essential with our schedule, and I am not minding.  It does take a lot of mental convincing to get out of bed when my alarm first goes off though!  Bring on Week 3!

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