Monday, January 4, 2016

2016 Goals

There they are.  My 3 goals for 2016 running, in order of importance.  #1 and #2 are going to tough, but there they are.  I think having a tough marathon goal is going to help me stick to my training more so than I did last year.  (Thanks to Another Mother Runner for the template.)

#3 actually kicks off today!  I am participating in another Internet challenge - because I find they really motivate me.  Oiselle's #RunLoveChallenge starts today and goes 6 weeks.  You pick a goal - any goal, and work on it for 6 weeks.  I also have some fellow Oiselle Volee teammates to help motivate me.  So my goal for the #RunLoveChallenge is #3 on my list.  Get serious about the core.  I have 3 non-running days on my HMR plan.  On two of these days, I am going to work on core work at home - likely a lot of Oiselle Dirty Dozen.  I'm also hoping that this will help achieve #1 and #2 on my list!

What are your 2016 goals?

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