Monday, January 4, 2016

HMR Week 3 Review and The #RWRUNSTREAK is officially over!

The third week of my HMR plan felt more manageable, likely because I wasn't also battling a cold. ALSO, the end of my RW Run Streak was in sight.

Tough workout 1 was 1.6 mi warm up, 4 x 1200 @ 4:50 pace followed by 1.6 mi cool down.  I ended up having to do this workout on a treadmill at the gym because of the condition of the streets post-snowstorm.  It was my first treadmill workout in over 9 months so I survived.

Tough workout 2 was 3 miles out and 3 miles back with the 3 miles back at my tempo pace (6:50-7:15).  This one was fine, although I thought I had re-started my watch on the 3 miles back leg and then looked down .75 miles in and realized I hadn't.  GAH! I hate when that happens!

Tough workout 3 was a one hour, 45 minute run at easy pace followed by 6 strides.  True to form, I was nervous about this, but my youngest went down for a nap so it was go time.  I had my ipod loaded with episode 3 of Serial and I attempted a "double tab" of Nuun (tri-berry + lemonade) in my water bottle.  The roads and sidewalks were hit or miss so I ended up meandering through neighborhoods for this run since most of the park trails were not cleared of snow/ice.  Was glad to get this one done!

Total Miles Last Week: 31.7  (Plan Goal: 30.25 miles)

The #RWRunStreak challenge officially ended on New Year's Day.  I made it one more day beyond the "official" challenge time period and ran 38 days in a row.  I took a much needed rest day yesterday and ran 0 miles!  Streak is broken.  Hallelujah.

I am glad to have participated, and be done with, the RW Run Streak challenge.  It was very motivating to me and got me through a month where historically I blow off running.  I also got into a habit of running more mornings than I had previously, which I hope to continue through my Boston training.  Having a pre-defined "end time" also helped motivate me.  I knew I could do it because I had an end goal in mind.

HOWEVER, running every day was also stressful.  There were a lot of days where we had a lot going on and I had to squeeze a run in at weird times, mostly because I try very hard to fit running in around my family's schedule, versus the other way around.

I am grateful that I only  had to use a treadmill one day - I think if I had to rely on going to the gym more often (as I would have in previous winters) there is no way I would have finished the challenge.

15 weeks until Boston!

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