Monday, January 18, 2016

Week 5 Review: The week where I thought my Adductor Muscles were toast

The last week was slightly crazy in that I, in dramatic fashion, thought I was getting slapped with the dreaded "injured" label.

My general running schedule on my HMR plan is:

Tuesday: Speedwork
Wednesday: Easy Run
Friday: Tempo Run
Saturday: Long Run

This schedule has been working very well.  For #runlovechallenge, my partner and I are trying to do core workouts on Sunday, Monday and Thursday (my off days).  Last Sunday, I needed an exercise ball for part of my workout so I brought our large ball up from downstairs.  I frequently sit on the ball and bounce the kids on it while downstairs.  On carpeting.  Never once have I fallen off.

Sunday, the kids saw the ball and of course wanted a bounce.  So we started bouncing on the ball on hardwood floor.  I totally fell off and landed on my right sit bone.  HOWL! CRY! DAMN that hurt. I was kind of gimping around after that but figured it would go away.  Monday it was slightly sore but nothing big.  Did another core workout.

Tuesday was a different story.  My inner thigh muscles on my right leg HURT.  I did my speed workout (8x800) but it wasn't pain free.  So I did what one should never do.  I Googled.

Cue frantic-sounding emails to EH, my plan master/coach, and my aunt, a massage therapist.  I started foam rolling my inner thigh (thanks to some helpful you tube videos) and icing.  I skipped my run on Wednesday and had two days of rest, with foam rolling.

Friday I felt decent - not in pain so I attempted my tempo workout.  Felt tight, but not painful.

Saturday was a big day.  The plan called for 2 hours of easy running.  I was excited to get out the door and I was trying to get out while the temperature was still in double digits.  I ended up getting 16.33 miles in the 2 hour time period for an average pace of 7:21!  I started this run way too fast though so I need to work on that (still).  I also used some compression calf sleeves that my friend Erica sent me.  The specific calf sleeves she sent me were CEP compression brand (these in pink!) and I really feel like my legs could tell the difference while running AND they were not as sore as they usually are the day after.   I am going to continue using these on my long run (BTW, check out Erica's awesome blog here.  Guaranteed you will find some useful information and inspiration, and you might win a prize or two!)

I made up my missed easy run yesterday on the treadmill.  Today my leg feels totally fine.  PHEW!

Total week 5 miles per plan: 32.75
My total mileage last week: 33.83

I am really trying to stick to the plan and not skip workouts and so far, haven't skipped one!  Upon reviewing my last marathon training block (Jan-May of 2015), I was surprised at how many workouts I ended up skipping.  I think the Run Streak definitely helped in helping see holes in my schedule and where I could take advantage of morning/night runs.

13 weeks until Boston!


  1. By "bouncing" do you mean trying to stand on the ball?!? :)

    1. Nope - I sit on the ball and either kid sits in between my legs (also on the ball) and I bounce us using my legs (kind of like a squat on a ball)