Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Tuesday's Early Bedtime Leads to Wednesday's Early Morning

Things have been going pretty well in the training department.  Before yesterday, I have only had to reschedule one run out of my plan.

Things fall apart.  As @nycrunningmama recently commented on one of her Instagram posts, "Marathon training while having kids and working full time requires a ton of flexibility."  AMEN SISTER. (In my experience, I would also add to that statement...'requires a ton of flexibility on behalf of you, the runner, and your partner.')

Saturday I started having another sore throat.  Sunday it was bad, continuing into Monday and Tuesday.  I knew Tuesday was going to be a long work day, and that I wouldn't get home until 6:15-6:30.  (Generally, I am home, post daycare pickup, around 3:45-4PM).  In this instance, I would try to do my Tuesday workout in the morning, before work.  However, I have been TIRED and made the decision to sleep in Monday and Tuesday mornings.

When I got home last night, I was starving.  My kids were also a bit insane (my son was making the move from crib to twin bed for the first time) so we had to get them calmed down and into bed. Which meant that I didn't start making supper for myself until about 7:15.  It was 8 PM before I had everything done.  AND I WAS TIRED.

I did not do my Tuesday interval workout.   I went to bed, but not before setting my alarm for 4:30 AM (yes, you read that right) and confirming with the hubs that he did not have to get to work early on Wednesday morning (today).

The nice thing about going to bed at 8ish is that 4:30 AM wake up still gave me 8 hours of sleep (what I try to shoot for).  I had packed my gym bag the night before so I went to the gym in my pajamas, expecting to be the only car in the lot.

People, the gym is JUMPING at 4:45 in the morning.  I was shocked.  It turns out, I enjoyed this treadmill workout much more so than my usual 7:15 PM treadmill time.  We'll see if I do it again though.  Easy to say now before afternoon fatigue sets in!

Interval workout done!  I had to abbreviate my cool down by a few minutes so that I could get home to get in a shower and kids ready for school before work.

Now I have to decide if I do the 4 miles scheduled for my Wednesday workout tonight or tomorrow, thereby sacrificing my Thursday rest day.  On a normal week, this would be fine, but I actually do not have a Sunday rest day this week due to marathon relay race on Saturday.  I'm aiming to get 4 miles in tonight after kids are in bed.  If I don't go to bed first!

Heard on the Run:
1. Alec Baldwin interviews the filmmakers of "Making a Murderer"
I haven't watched Making a Murderer yet. (We don't have netflix.)  I do like the Alec Baldwin podcast though and have listened to several of his interviews.  He tends to interrupt a lot, which makes me cringe, but overall, I enjoy these from time to time.

2. Parts of Chris Stapleton's album, Traveler (NPR Review)
LOVE.  I waited a long time in the library queue for this album.  Also, I totally jumped on the CS bandwagon post-Justin Timberlake / Chris Stapleton performance at Country Music Awards and I'm not ashamed to admit it.

3. Parts of Avett Brothers' album, The Carpenter
Also LOVE.  This is a default listen for me.  Sometimes on easy runs, I will put this on and sing along as a test to make sure my pace is ok.  Don't you wish you lived in my neighborhood...'What is that god awful noise coming from outside?' 'Oh that's just that crazy Schlotthauer woman singing while running again.'

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