Monday, February 5, 2018

February Kick Off! Last Week's Mileage Recap

It's February!  I love February because it is my birthday month and my sister has been posting all sorts of birthday month memes on my Facebook page, making me laugh. 

February can be a rough month in WI because one can just be so.sick.of.winter.  And true to form, we are looking to having a whole week of single digit high temps ahead.

So, it's good to have something positive to look forward to this month. 

Nothing special about last week.  My kids are in a few more extracurricular activities than usual which has made it a little more challenging for me to get a run in.  I also wasn't doing a good job tracking and fell 0.3 miles short of 25 miles for the week.  ANNOYING.  I struggled with motivation last week big time, and I don't have discipline in my running routine right now to fall back on as this article suggests.

I started a new challenge on February 1: The Jasyoga WorkIn28 challenge which is outlined in the Work In book.  I have managed to actually do every day so far and am liking it because it gives me a starting place to actually DO meditation work instead of reading every book there is about it, saying, "I should do this" and, then, never actually DO it.  I have been struggling with mood/anxiety in the last several weeks and hoping this will help with it.

Sunday January 28
0 miles
I'm going to have to start getting my act together for Sunday.  I am enjoying them being days off and starting Feb 11, that is no longer going to be the case!

Monday, January 29
4.55 miles, 32:54 (7:14 avg pace)
I had a rough day at work.  My boss, who is amazing and all things fabulous, told us she was leaving our organization.  Cue all of the tears.  So I ran this much faster than usual.  As I've indicated before, I am a highly emotional runner!  This day was a good example.

Tuesday, January 30
4.01 miles, 30:40 (7:39 avg pace)
Beat the bus! 

Wednesday, January 31
3.39 miles, 26:49 (7:55 avg pace)
I ran this at night to participate in the REI and Ragnar No Buts Run.  As I posted before, I wanted it to be a full 10K but I bailed.

Thursday, February 1
5.3 miles, 42:16 (7:59 avg pace)
I got up early! This was a magical run. 

Friday, February 2
0 miles
I didn't get up early and had to rush home from work to meet my dad who was taking my son overnight and so couldn't rely on the #beatthebus miles. 

Saturday, February 3
7.45 miles, 56:23 (7:34 avg pace)
My daughter started a theater class on Saturday mornings which is awesome.  However, I didn't do a good job with time planning to get a long run in and literally had to run in from this, change into different clothes to get her to the class.  Going to have to start getting a jump on the morning run a bit earlier in the weeks ahead!

Weekly Total: 24.7 miles

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