Thursday, February 8, 2018

Product Review: Detach Coconut+ Water

Product Review:  Detach Coconut+ Water

Disclaimer: I received 6 12-oz bottles of Detach to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

I am always making it a goal to "hydrate more" and am interested in hydration products, so I signed up to try the Detach Coconut+ water.  The "Ellie Ade" (named after the creator's wife) is coconut water based product with a lemon-lime flavor.  It is more on the tart profile for me, which I love because many hydration products formulated for athletes taste way too sweet.  Here is a description of the ingredients from their website:

I was already using plain coconut water in smoothies.  I am not a fan of plain coconut water to drink by itself so to me, the lemon-lime flavor is the key to this drink, which I DO enjoy on its own.  

I have tried Detach in a number of scenarios:

1.  Replacing plain coconut water in morning smoothie.
My favorite smoothie lately is Detach + greens (spinach, kale) + frozen pineapple + plain yogurt + 1 ripe banana.  I originally got this idea from a fellow BibRave Pro, who has a more formal recipe on her blog.

My 7 year old has been joining me in breakfast smoothies lately which is a win for me as she is not a big breakfast eater.

2.  Pre-run hydration
I first tried this before meeting my Oiselle teammates at the Pettit for a Marathon Relay practice.  I was pleased that I had no stomach upset even while running faster paced laps.  The fact that it is pre-mixed in 12-oz bottles makes it easy to grab and go.

3.  During-run hydration
I emptied a bottle into my hydration pack for a long run recently and I really loved this as a during-run hydration option.  The slightly tart flavor was easy to drink and not sweet and did not upset my stomach.  
4.  Post-run Hydration
It is easy to grab a bottle of this from the fridge after a run and veg out.  I think it is thirst-quenching and I like that my body is getting electrolytes.

I quickly went through the six bottles I was provided and re-upped my stash by purchasing on Amazon.  (Obviously, i also purchased a new book while I as on their :))

Right now there is a 20% Amazon coupon for Detach and with subscribe and save, a case of 12 bottles was $26.21.  You can also visit their website to sign up for their community to get a coupon code discount emailed to you.

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