Thursday, February 1, 2018

January 2018 Mileage Recap

Happy February!

I finished up my January mileage last night, by the light of the moon.  My original goal for yesterday was to run a 10K to put me 0.1 miles over January 2017.

I set my phone alarm for 5 AM and apparently, never turned on a ringer.  So, when I woke up to my husband's alarm at 6 AM, I was annoyed.  The next opportunity for me to get a run in was after my kids were in bed and, herein lies the danger of the night run, I was exhausted.  3.39 miles would have to do.

January 2018 total: 114.5, a 2.3% decrease from last year.

Overall I am fine with January.  It is the 4th straight "just over 100 miles/month" month that I have had, and while that isn't anything amazing, it is more consistency than I started spring marathon training with last year.  And, given that I was sick for two weeks, and not up to speed for a full 25 days, I am pleased.

My official Grandma's Marathon training start date is February 11!

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  1. Nice job logging your 100+ miles. I'm excited to watch you train for Grandma's!