Monday, February 19, 2018

Grandma's Marathon Training Week 1

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First week of marathon training - DONE!

I again am tackling the Hansons Marathon Method Beginner plan.

Going into marathon training, I am a little nervous about how it will go.  The good news is that I have done this exact plan before and that gives me confidence.  However, I am launching a big project at work this week, which has the exact timeline of this training cycle.  I'm a little concerned of being overwhelmed, but one day at a time, right?

The first 5 weeks of the beginner plan are basically ramping up mileage by doing all easy runs and so week 1 is really small mileage, because it technically doesn't start until halfway through the week (thus the amount of "off days" in the beginning).  My plan is to keep up with the 25ish miles/week that I have been doing until the plan catches up with me.  I fell a little short of the 25 mile mark this week.

I have 5 weeks until I have to worry about pacing so keeping my easy runs in the 8 - 8:30 range, which is on the fast end of my easy pace range per the HMM calculator (8:22-9:30).  However, based on my experience last time I used this plan, I didn't really get to that range until after I started track and tempo work (and was tired as all get out).

I'm not sure about my goal pace right now, but here are some current thoughts.  My current PR is 3:11:09 (7:17 pace).  My 2018 goal is to run a sub3 marathon, a DREAM BIG goal for sure, but there it is.  A 2:59:59 marathon is 6:52 pace.  I think it is lofty but within reach to try to run 7:00 pace this spring so I am going to start there to set my training paces and see how it goes.  (This would give me a 3:03:30 marathon). 

Plan Says:  Off.

What I did:  Off.

Plan Says: Off

What I did: Off

Plan Says: Off

What I did:  3.25 miles after work.  25:56 (7:59 avg pace)

Plan Says: easy 3 miles

What I did: 5.25 miles, 44:14 (8:25 avg pace)
Morning run!!!!!!!!!!!

Plan Says: Off

What I did:  5.4 miles, 45:14 (8:23 avg pace)
Another morning run!!!!!!!!!

Plan Says: easy 3 miles

What I did:  4.25 miles, 33:26 (7:52 avg pace)
Unfortunately I was in the emergency department with my 3 year old for most of the night and thus did not get ANY sleep.  (He burned his hand on our stove earlier in the evening.) I was able to get in a run after work, before the bus.

Plan says: easy 4 miles

What I did:  4 miles, 35:08 (8:47 avg pace)
Typically I have been trying to do a middle distance (7-9 miles) on Saturdays.  Poor planning on my part resulted in getting in half that distance on a treadmill.

Weekly Total
Plan says: 10 miles
What I did: 22.15 miles

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